24/ 03 /2022

What’s Intelivisa? The smart way to get a Spanish visa.

What’s Intelivisa? The smart way to get a Spanish visa.

Intelivisa’s launch was inspired by student experiences with Spain’s immigration system as a digital solution that would help simplify and streamline the bureaucratic chores involved in Spanish immigration processes.

In other words, dealing with government platforms and processes in Spain can lead to confusion and misunderstandings. So we’re cleaning up the mess.


Intelivisa simplifies immigration journeys into a clear and user friendly digital platform. With a simple user interface we are eliminating friction and providing clarity, organization, and peace of mind. Now you can get your visa in a clear step-by-step process without doubts or confusion about requirements.

Clients can now enjoy an e-commerce-like interface for purchasing standard legal processes. Plus a simple user dashboard to track your individual cases. All while enjoying guidance and clear information presented in a way as to make your journey as seamless as possible.

How it Works:

    1. You simply register for free onto the platform.
    2. You then choose the immigration service you require, or you can go through an evaluation to find out which residency option is best for you.
    3. We take on your case with expert legal management and prioritize you residential success. All you have to do it submit documentation and attend any in-person procedures.
    4. Through the platform and user profile you can track all of your cases and services in real-time, enjoy step-by-step guidance, handle your documentation, track appointments, and expect more features yet to come.


Through this digital intervention Intelivisa will empower visa applicants while offering much lower prices on a range of immigration services.

So welcome aboard! We strive to support, accompany, advise, and serve you, while applying a modern mindset to your Spanish immigration experience.


Intelivisa is simply a better way to get a visa.


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What’s Intelivisa? The smart way to get a Spanish visa.