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InteliVisa is a digital solution to the bureaucratic and legal struggles of residing in Spain as a foreigner.

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We’ve designed the simplest way to navigate the Spanish immigration system. An easy to use dashboard will help you stay on track and informed while a team of legal experts handles all your Spanish immigration hurdles.

Sign up and we’ll manage your appointments, documents, and communication with Spanish government offices.

We’re with you every step of the way. Helping you avoid pitfalls, offering solutions, and getting you to your destination one way or another.

Veteran Spanish immigration lawyers with years of expertise in their field

Fixed prices on a broad range of legal services. Available at the click of a button

An intuitive digital platform which gives the user control over their legal journey

Real-time process tracking and feedback

Our Services

Let us make it easy for you with our 5 Visa Application Journeys:

Student Visa, Entrepreneurship Visa, Job Search Visa, and Job Relocation and Extension of Residence Permits.

Graduating? Studying? Or want to study in Spain?

Student visa services are our speciality.

InteliVisa is the smarter way of handling Spanish immigration as a student. Get clear information, reliable guidance, and a highly personalized service provided by a dedicated legal team.

Entrepreneurship Visa

If you’re an entrepreneur who promotes innovation and job creation this is the visa for you.

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Job Search Visa

A residence permit for foreign job seekers who recently graduated in Spain from an eligible course.

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Investor Visa

This is a great visa for anyone looking to invest significantly into Spain whether in property or the economy.

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Residence and Work Permit

You can apply for a residence permit if you’ve landed a job in Spain or have studied here for 3 years or more.

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Application Services Include:

Full Visa service

Full platform functionality

Government communication

Appointment service

Residence Registration and deregistration (empadronamiento)

Residence Permit

Rental Contract Review

Travel Permit requests

A dedicated case manager

Full Web App functionality

Our Quick Services

Are you looking for specific advice?
At InteliVisa we offer quick online consultations to solve your doubts.

Attorney on Demand

InteliVisa offers a direct link to comprehensive legal counsel through our Attorney on Demand consultation service. It’s the easiest way to get personalized and first class legal advice pertaining to Spanish immigration issues.

Let’s discuss your situation and the many options you have to navigate it.

Understand the details, pros, and cons of different residency options to avoid common pitfalls or misconceptions.

Let’s make an informed decision together and set you on your best path forward.

Everything’s better with a good plan.

Other quick services:
Travel Permit
Background Check
EU Citizen
Rental Contract
Rental Contract
Social Security


Intelivisa’s legal experts have helped hundreds of people around the world move to Spain.

Frequently Asked Questions

A user simply registers for free onto the platform.

You then choose the immigration service you require, or you can go through an evaluation to find out which residency option is best for you.

We take on your case with expert legal management and prioritize you residential success.

Through the platform and user profile you can track your cases and services in real-time, enjoy guidance and clear information, handle your documentation, track appointments, and more features yet to come.

InteliVisa is a project set to innovate and re-think the way in which immigration services are provided in Spain. It’s been developed in partnership with Madrid’s own Duguech and Dip Legal experts. Our lawyers are veteran Spanish immigration lawyers with years of expertise in their field.

We see a lot more to come in our near future. So we hope you join us on our journey as the InteliVisa project grows and develops. Day in and day out we’ll strive to continuously add features and further streamline immigration processes to their simplest form possible.

So if you’re here this early on, be a part of it and join the movement.

No. Although we have various lawyers we work with, InteliVisa itself is not a law firm. We simply provide you with digital tools and automated workflows to empower you on your immigration journey. Should you require case-specific legal advice, we are happy to connect you to our partner attorneys.

Most visas and services can be applied for and done by individuals without any legal support. However, when you pay for legal support you are paying to save yourself a lot of time, gain peace of mind that your case is being handled professionally, and avoid making any mistakes that could lead to a void process. With all this in mind, the Spanish bureaucratic systems are notoriously difficult to navigate, so we try to provide value by simplifying these processes as much as possible.

In case you are relocating or in need of services for multiple family members, it would be necessary for each family member to register their own InteliVisa profile and manage their respective cases through each profile. This means services and payments would be bought and paid for separately for each family member.

After Brexit, any British citizen who is not already a resident in Spain must apply as a third country national. Similarly to any other non-EU citizen. If they were already a resident before Brexit then their residence card will be updated at the next renewal.

The process to get an internship over the summer or after you’ve graduated in Spain is actually just a student visa renewal process.

Certain legal services such as visas require a complex applications where the applicant must meet certain criteria in order to receive a successful process outcome. So in order to protect you from paying for a service you may not be eligible for we provide quick eligibility screening.

If you take an eligibility test for a service and think there is a mistake with the result, feel free to consult with us directly through our Attorney on Demand service. In doing so we can discuss directly whether that is actually the best visa for you or if there are other possible options that may better suit your personal situation. Or you can try selecting another service to see if you meet its eligibility.